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Letras de Canciones de Emerson, Lake & Palmer

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Canción: Trilogy
Album: Trilogy

(emerson - lake)

I've tried to mend
The love that ended
Long ago although we still pretend
Our love is surely coming to an end
Don't waste the time you've got to love again

We tried to lie
But you and i
Know better than to let each other lie
The thought of lying to you makes me cry
Counting up the time that's passed us by

I've sent this letter hoping it will reach your hand
And if it does i hope that you will understand

That i must leave in a while
And though i smile
You know the smile is only there to hide
What i'm really feeling deep inside
Just a face where i can hang my pride


We'll talk of places that we went
And times that we have spent
Together penniless and free

You'll see the day another way
And they could put the sunshine
For a nighttime where you lay

You'll love again
i don't know when
But if you do i know that
You'll be happy in the end

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